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Mission & Core Values

The mission of TCS is to equip Christian children in their calling to glorify God and enjoy Him forever, and to assist parents in the discipleship of their children through gospel-centered, academically rigorous, affordable classical education.

Classical Education

St. Augustine once said that basically the only question we need to ask in developing an educational program is, "What skills does a child need to understand the Bible and tell others about it?" That might seem simplistic, but when we think about it, what are those skills? Well, first they need to be able to read (books are important!). But more than that, they also need to understand grammar, literature (the Bible is filled with poetry, history, parables, proverbs, legislation, etc.), and ancient languages. They need to know geography (the Bible is filled with places) and history (the Bible tells the history of the nations of the world and has affected history after the Bible was written). But to really understand the Bible a young person needs the principles of logic to make a theological inquiry and so must be trained in formal logic. Augustine even says the Bible has many numbers and talks about the physical world so we need to know math and science too! But the capstone of Augustine's program is the ability to communicate God's truth to others in a way that is winsome and moving—that is, the study of rhetoric. Amazingly, all this taken together is a thorough liberal arts education. And this is why Christians for millennia have gone into new cultures, championing literacy and education, and transformed these cultures simply with the study of the Word of God. The liberal arts are our heritage. The goal of a classical education is not to nostalgically return to a golden age of the past, but to build on the heritage of Christian learning as we move creatively into the future in a post-Christian society.


This robust, distinctly Christian view of education has largely been lost in our culture. It is hard to train a child to love goodness, beauty, and truth when we don't believe such things exist. This is why Christian education will be distinctly different from the education of the world. We are teaching our kids to love what God loves. But it turns out that these abilities of thinking wisely and communicating effectively (the goals of the liberal arts) are precisely the most important skills a person needs to go into the workforce and transform.  We have the tools to equip our children to confidently go out into the world as light and as God's agents, but we have lost them. Here at Trinity we are recovering these tools and have been amazed to give our children something that we never had.


TCS is a member of the Association of Classical Christian Schools.


The families that came together to start Trinity Classical School were driven by two deep passions that led them to dream, sacrifice, and build this school. These are those two passions:

The Gospel

The Gospel is the announcement that Jesus is the true king of the world. He is the mysterious Maker of this strange world, come to walk among us, to die the death we deserve, and to undo the curse under which we all live. And he has launched a revolution of grace that has swept us up, along with our children. This is the true story that our children are living in. And so it is our dream that they would grow up in a school seeing Jesus on every page, under every fact, in every story, and woven into every equation. Education is ultimately about finding that Jesus is Lord of all, and in Him, all things hold together.


But also, the Gospel is an offer of grace—and grace has the potential to have a profound influence over the culture of a school. Come into our walls and you will breathe the love of Jesus in the air, and you will feel His grace in the atmosphere. God has sprinkled his grace all over these young lives, and we want that grace to define everything about who they are.


So these two things: Jesus is Lord, and Jesus is Grace—that is the heart of TCS, and that is what it means to have a school centered on the Gospel.

Brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

Philippians 4:8

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