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All our choices, including our clothing, reveal and communicate a part of who we are. We desire to utilize our uniform policy to ensure modest, appropriate dress that creates an optimal atmosphere for learning. The neat appearance created by a school uniform reminds our students they are in a ready-to-learn atmosphere. Uniforms help generate a cohesive presentation of the students in our school. When our students are in uniform, it communicates, aesthetically, that they are part of the same team, working toward the same goals. The student identifies as part of a group that strives for excellence, and the guideline establishes a tradition toward that end.

Grammar School Uniforms

UPDATED (23_24) Grammar Uniform Guide (1).jpg

Logic School Uniforms

UPDATED (23_24) Logic Uniform Guide (1).jpg

Rhetoric School

UPDATED (23_24) Rhetoric Uniform Guide (2).jpg

Uniform Ordering Info

Dennis uniform is our preferred uniform provider.

Logic and Rhetoric ladies' dress uniforms must be purchased from Lands End.

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