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Grammar School


The grammar school at Trinity Classical School spans kindergarten to sixth grade. This age group is characterized by their enthusiasm for learning new and interesting facts. The grammar student enjoys stories, songs, games, chants, repetition, and imagination.  Because of their strong language assimilation skills they can easily memorize grammar, history, Latin, and songs.


Students are expected to be respectful and obedient, and discipline that is loving and consistent is essential to ensure students at the grammar level enjoy the opportunity to learn in an orderly and well-managed classroom. Children wear uniforms in all grade levels at Trinity Classical School to create the mindset that "we are here to work" and to help avoid distractions. We boast a small student to teacher ratio so that teachers are able to work with each student individually helping them to reach their maximum potential.




K - 6th Grades 
8:30 AM – 2:45 PM (Monday – Thursday)
Home study on Friday

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