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Logic School


And when the eye of the soul is really buried in a barbaric bog, dialectic gently draws it forth and less it up above. - Plato, Republic III

The Logic School at Trinity Classical School comprises seventh and eighth grade. During the Logic School years or also referred to as the dialectic stage, the teaching method shifts from recitation and memorization of facts and paradigms to emphasizing thinking, analysis, and discernment. In addition, we learn how to use the information we've gathered. Students continue to learn through singing and chanting, but the primary mode of education becomes conversation and group discussion. Students study formal logic, science, history, math, literature, Bible, composition, speech, and Latin. Music, PE, and rotating electives are also part of the Logic School curriculum.


Like the Grammar School, the culture of the Logic school is one of order, joy, peace, and enthusiasm. Students are encouraged to debate and challenge one another in a Socratic manner. Students learn the respectful give and take of asking thoughtful questions and giving comments.



Typical Sequence of Study 





Pre-Algebra I
Algebra I


Logic Science A

Logic Science B


Latin I
Latin II




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