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Our Mission & Guiding Principles


The mission of TCS is to equip Christian children in their calling to glorify God and enjoy Him forever, and to assist parents in the discipleship of their children through gospel-centered, academically rigorous, affordable classical education.


We celebrate and guard these six Guiding Principles so that they, alongside our Core Values, shape the culture of our community:


I. Family Partnership

We are convinced that education is primarily the responsibility of the family and that a school is there to assist families in the Christian nurture of their children. Therefore, we invite parents to be highly involved in their child’s education, both on campus and at home. Our students spend Monday through Thursday in the classroom, within the support, accountability, and community of the school environment. On Fridays, they continue their instruction at home, under the guidance of their parents.

II. Theologically Reformed

We are convinced that a theologically robust institution produces theologically robust students. The only way to truly teach a Christian worldview is to equip our children with a theological heritage deep enough to inform that worldview. We do not elevate the Reformed tradition above the ultimate authority of the Scriptures but strive to give our students tools that lead them into the Scriptures soundly and confidently. Therefore, we will not simply affirm or teach a lowest-common-denominator evangelicalism, but we will equip our children with the richness of Reformed theology (e.g., Westminster Confession of Faith) that they may knowledgeably understand and communicate the truths of Scripture.


III. Joyful Ethos

We are convinced that a mature Christian life flows out of the joy of the Gospel. If we believe that our children are accepted by God, not because of their good morals or their educational performance but only by the free grace that is ours in Christ, then we will always resist perfectionism and will instead encourage them with the joy of the Lord. Therefore, we expect the atmosphere of our school to not be one of demanding rigor and rules, but the dominant tone will be one of joy in all that God is and has done for us.


IV. Hard Work and Excellence

We are convinced that we must train our children to work hard and to pursue excellence. The Bible is clear that true excellence is always the fruit of God’s grace. But Proverbs—a book about training children—continually emphasizes how those who work hard find blessing. Therefore, we will expect rigor, discipline, and excellence from our students’ work, not only because we want to teach them a disciplined lifestyle but because we believe in how capable each one of them is of achieving great things through God’s grace.


V. Diversity

We are convinced that Christian schools should be an option for all Christian parents. We want to free parents to first ask what kind of education they want for their children before they ask whether they can afford it. Therefore, we are committed to providing tuition assistance for families so that children of both affluent and more modest families are receiving the same quality education under one roof.


VI. Missional

We are convinced that Christian children should be equipped for going out into the world. Christian schools can often be seen as safe havens for Christian children that never actually prepare students to engage the world around them. In contrast, the training of our students will always have an eye toward preparing them to go out into the world as servants of Christ, doing his mission in whatever calling God has on their lives.

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