Parent Teacher Conferences

As part of partnering with you in your child’s education, we hold parent/teacher conferences twice a year. They are a critical time to discuss your child’s strengths and suggest ways the school can partner with you to help them throughout the school year. Find your child’s teachers below and follow the links to view available times and sign up for a conference.

Conferences will take place Thursday, March 17th, from 8:30 pm to 5:30 pm.  

Grammar School (K-6th Grade)

Kindergarten, Mrs. Smith/Mrs. Walker                                              Conference with Mrs. Smith & Mrs. Walker 

First Grade, Mrs. Vander Pol                                                                 Conference with Mrs. Vander Pol

Second Grade, Mrs. MacSwan                                                              Conference with Mrs. MacSwan

Third Grade, Mrs. Buiter                                                                       Conference with Mrs. Buiter

Fourth Grade, Mrs. Sturm                                                                     Conference with Mrs. Sturm

Fifth Grade, Mrs. Nichols                                                                      Conference with Mrs. Nichols

Sixth Grade, Mrs. Southard                                                                   Conference with Mrs. Southard


Secondary (7th – 12th Grade)

Mrs. Wynne: Humanities (7th)                                                           Conference with Mrs. Wynne

Mr. Reimer: Science (7th, 8th, High School)                                  Conference with Mr. Reimer

Mr. Shuster: Math (7th, 8th, High School)                                     Conference with Mr. Shuster

Mrs. Strutz: Humanities (8th)                                                             Conference with Mrs. Strotz

Mrs. Lim: Humanities (High School)                                               Conference with Mrs. Lim

Mrs. Vroom: Latin (8th) Music (1st - High School)                      Conference with Mrs. Vroom